Grapes have proven to be very good for the intestines

Scientists from the University of California and the Los Angeles Department of Medicine conducted a study during

which studied the effect of grapes on the formation of beneficial intestinal microflora. As it turned out, this berry lowers the level of cholesterol and bile acids involved in its metabolism.

According to the research report, all participantsconsumed within a month 46 grams of grape powder - about one and a half glasses of berries. In parallel, the study participants ate foods with low levels of fiber and polyphenols, which are found in abundance in grapes. One month later, all participants had their gut microbiota levels measured.

It turned out that thanks to this plant, usefulthere were not only a lot of bacteria, but their diversity was also recorded. Among other microorganisms, there has been an increase in bacteria such as Ackermannsia, which improves the metabolism of glucose and peptides, and also maintains the integrity of the intestinal mucosa.

At the same time, the total cholesterol of all participants decreased by 6.1%, and bile acids - by 40.9%, and the level of low-density cholesterol also decreased - by 5.9%.

Source: Nutrients