Graphene learned to get at room temperature

Graphene is a two-dimensional allotropic modification of carbon formed by a layer of carbon atoms one


The new technology was developed by a team of chemists underunder the guidance of a professor at NUST MISIS: they figured out how to synthesize graphene at room temperature and simultaneously apply various micro- and nanoparticles to the surface.

It is noted that by melting certain typessalts, graphene is quite easy to obtain, but this requires a temperature of 500-700 ° C. This makes it relatively expensive to manufacture and also interferes with the deposition of graphene on the surface of various low-melting materials.

Using sugar and sulfuric acid, Russianchemists were able to carry out a similar reaction at room temperature: if this mixture is passed through a current, then a layer of graphene forms on the surface of particles made of an alloy of aluminum and silicon, which the scientists placed in a vessel.

Scientists have developed a new low-temperaturea technology for producing multilayer graphene, which allows it to be applied to powders of an aluminum and silicon alloy used in the creation of composites by 3D printing. This approach makes it possible to control the thickness of the deposited graphene layer and maintain its uniform distribution in the powder.

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