Great Britain wants to save video games from lootboxes, but Electronic Arts is against

Electronic Arts is again threatened by a government that does not give up attempts to resolve

monetization in games.

What is known

UK Department of Digital CommitteeTechnology recommended the government to regulate loot boxes in accordance with the law on gambling. Firstly, the authorities should ensure that the publisher removes this kind of monetization from entertainment for children. Secondly, the committee requires that the PEGI commission assign a high age rating to games with lootboxes.

Eurogamer notes that the “recommendations” of the committeeare not tantamount to laws, but the government will have to take the curse seriously. At least one of the country's prominent politicians, deputy Labor leader Tom Watson, has shown great interest in lootboxes and other types of monetization.

If you believe the report of the committee, then in case of failurethe government will have to explain its decision. In addition, in the absence of studies proving the absence of harm to footboots for children, mechanics should be excluded from games with a low age rating.

Electronic Arts said in a comment to that it did not agree with the findings of the committee, but was serious about monetization.

“We are constantly striving to ensure safety andthe well-being of players when they play our games or interact with our communities. We continue to look for ways to contribute to productive research and solutions on the topics covered in this report. We also look forward to continuing our dialogue with the UK government. ”