GreedFall developers talked about love, factions and the non-linearity of the fantasy world

GreedFall's head writer Jeanne Rousseau and lead splash artist Camille Lalliemin revealed new

details about the role-playing game.

What is known

In the second developer diary for gamersThey said that on the island of Tir Fradi, where the game takes place, each resident defends his own interests. Religious fanatics, scientists looking for a cure, and indigenous people settled on the land. Moreover, the player will be able to quarrel with each of them, make friends, or even start a romantic relationship.

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The main character is a member of The Congregation,organization that acts as a mediator between peoples. To increase influence, you can go in two ways: earn the trust of high-ranking people from factions or find leverage. When choosing any of the options, the player will have to take into account that actions will have consequences and affect the plot. The hero’s reputation will also be affected by his relationships with his companions, the composition of the party, and the methods of completing quests.

The player will rush between two factions.On one side are the natives of Tir Fradi, who consider the island sacred, worshiping the divine power of nature. On the other side are the Colonists, who adhere to pragmatic and mercantile views. At the same time, within the same faction, the principles and ideals of people will differ.

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The parties will also differ in the way they communicate.The locals speak a fictitious dialect based on the languages ​​of the Celts. The developers even had to call in a professional linguist to create a believable world. Players will not be forced to learn another foreign language, but by the end of the game, gamers may remember some phrases and expressions.

GreedFall will be released on September 10, 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.