Group video chat in Skype began to support up to 50 people.

In the latest version of Skype, the limit of video chat participants was increased to 50 people. Also developers

from Microsoft have updated the system of group notifications.

What changed

Previously, Skype video chat supported up to 25participants, which was a bit more modest against the background of the FaceTime application: the brainchild of Apple can hold up to 35 people in one video call. However, now the primacy is again for Microsoft; in the new update, the developers not only increased the maximum limit for video calls, but also edited the groups, allowing the participant to choose from whom he wants to receive calls. An ordinary user can hardly feel the difference, but the corporate segment, where Skype's positions are still strong, can easily find some use for innovations.

In recent months, this is not the first Skype update dedicated to video calls. Earlier, Microsoft added the ability to blur the background to the application.