Gucci introduced an application for iOS, which will allow you to try on shoes in AR

Italian fashion house Gucci has released an application for iOS, which allows buyers to "try on" the collection

Ace sneakers in augmented reality.

Without going to the store

Users can select and try on ARany model of Ace sneakers, which are available in different styles, from simple white to models with a logo decorated with pearls. In addition, according to Gucci, the tool will allow you to find and try on shoes that have not yet been released. Like a pair of sneakers, you can buy in the app or just take a picture for publication in social networks.

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Support Augmented Reality addedBelarusian startup Wannaby. Working with Gucci is the company's first commercial project. The application is currently available only for iOS, and whether it will be released for Android is still unknown.

Fashion houses began to use new technologies frequently. Recall at least Louis Vuitton bags with built-in flexible AMOLED displays or smart watches of the same brand.