Guerrilla Games seems to have launched Horizon Zero Dawn 2, and the team needs a screenwriter

Guerrilla Games seems to have begun preparations for the release of the PlayStation 5, and has put a new game on the production line.

What is known

The company has published a new vacancy for the project.with an open world that could become Horizon Zero Dawn 2. In January, the studio was looking for a game server engineer, and now the team needed a “senior game scriptwriter” for an AAA game in the open world. They plan to entrust the candidate with the search for ideas for quests, write a plot and dialogs for them, and also create prehistories for factions.

Experience will be a plus for a future team memberwork on open-world projects, including IMO. This is the second mention of multiplayer in the vacancies of Guerrilla Games. Perhaps Horizon Zero Dawn 2 will acquire network functions. At the same time, previous and current vacancies can invite people for different projects.

It is noteworthy that Guerrilla attached a GIF file to the announcement of the vacancy on Twitter with a demonstration of Elo, examining cave paintings, as well as the Horizon Zero Dawn hashtag.

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