Gump, Little11, Sonus13 and other new jailbreak tweaks

If you have jailbreak iOS 12 or iOS 13, then you are surely in constant search for new tweaks. We are with

this will help.

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Today we will tell you about all the new jailbreak tweaks that were released last week, and begin as usual with the best of them.

The best tweaks of the week


Many elements of a jailbreak device require respring, but often it knocks out music and background applications. Gump - A new jailbreak tweak that saves music playback and background applications during respring. With it, springing will no longer interfere with your work or rest.




Some iOS features are exclusive to iPhone X-style devices. If you have an older jailbreak device, you can enjoy them too. New jailbreak tweak Little11 Adds such features to older devices. Among them, the Home indicator, an updated status bar, Dock, etc.

Read more about Tweak Little11 in our review.


The volume indicator in iOS 13 was updated for the first time in several years and has become much better. Nevertheless, he has room to grow. New jailbreak tweak Sonus13 allows you to further customize the volume indicator to your taste, making it better.

You will learn more about Tweaks Sonus13 here.

Other tweaks

Alertlercolor: Allows you to change the color of notifications (BigBoss).

AppShortcut 2: Adds quick access to your favorite applications from anywhere (Packix).

Bartime: Displays the time in the status bar of the lock screen (CydiaGeek).

Bnm: Returns the widget design with music from iOS 9 (Packix).

CarPlayHideLabels: Hides application icon labels when using CarPlay (BigBoss).

Colorbanners3 (iOS thirteen): Allows you to change the color of notification banners in iOS 13 (Packix).

Dynamic Apples 2: Dynamic wallpapers for iOS 13 (Packix).

Filzatheme: New theme for Filza app (BigBoss).

Flaturl: Removes background blur from the Safari (Packix) address bar.

HomeAnimation: New animation for the home screen (BigBoss).

iPhoneXDock: Adds an iPhone X-style dock to older devices (Packix).

Maple 2 Beta: Adds enhanced charging animation (Packix).

Phone Class: Allows you to change the buttons in the Phone application (Packix).

Nice Siri: Allows you to customize the design and operation of Siri (BigBoss).

Orion: Returns the Peek and Pop function in iOS 13 to devices with 3D Touch (Packix).

Tinnybanners 2: Makes notification banners in iOS 13 smaller (Packix).