GVINT will receive the Iron Will supplement: players will face a clash with Radovid and 80 new maps

CD Projekt Red has announced an add-on for GWINT: The Witcher. Card game ”, which is dedicated to Radovid.

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In the Iron Will DLC, players will be able to joinKing Radovid or join him in battle. According to the developers, "one way or another, the most fierce battles in the history of GWENT are waiting for you." Gamers will once again survive the battle of Brenna, reveal the secret of Salamander and meet with a group of noble robbers under the command of Gascon.

Iron Will will add 80 new cards to GWINT,among which 21 will be neutral, and the rest will be divided into six fractions. Information on the first five has already been published on the official website, and in the near future, developers will tell more.

CD Projekt Red also introduced the $ 47 Iron Will Pre-Order Kit, which includes:

  • 25 premium barrels of Iron Will,
  • playing field of the ship,
  • animated Iron Will shirt,
  • the appearance of Radovid "Defender of the North."

Developers note that in premium barrelsonly cards from the Iron Will add-on come across. In the pack, players will find 5 premium cards, four ordinary, and the fifth, rarer or more valuable, will be able to choose from three cards.

Released Iron Will DLC on October 2 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Pre-order is now available in digital stores.