GWENT Gets Black Sun's Curse Expansion - With 27 New Cards

CD Projekt RED has released update 10.7 for "GWENT" - "Curse of the Black Sun". It includes 27 new cards - four per

fraction and three neutrals.

You will have to glorify the rising of the Black Sun or help Renfri take revenge on his prophets:

“Some say that the world will perish in the ice, others- that will burn in the fire. Still others listen to ancient prophecies, foreshadowing the approach of centuries of darkness. Once in a century, the light of the sun will shine, and the shadows will envelop the world of the living - they lose, corrupt, bring madness. But even in a world stricken with curses and troubles, there are ancient places untouched by evil, and heroes who make their way through the darkness.”

Black Sun also includes three new keywords:

  • “Infusion” is a status that adds effects or categories to the map. If you remove it, all effects and categories will disappear. Blocking disables the "infusion" capabilities.
  • "Grace" - activates once when the strength of the unit becomes greater than or equal to the specified value. If the condition is met when a unit appears on the field, it is activated immediately.
  • Collision - Units simultaneously inflict damage on each other equal to the value of their strength.

In addition, a new seasonal mode has appeared - “Trial by Fire”. After joining one of the factions, your log will be replaced with a pre-assembled log of that faction with cards from the fresh expansion.