Hackers also pay: access to banking information stealing software costs $5,000 a month

Eset cybersecurity specialists announced the emergence of a new ERMAC toroyan that collects and

stealing information from banking applications. Discuss

Along with information about the virus, hackers spend on it. It is noted that the Trojan is expensive, hackers pay $5,000 per month for it.

ERMAC is designed to disguise itself as 467banking applications and crypto wallets. When installed on a smartphone, the app asks for 43 permissions, including access to the accessibility service. After receiving all permissions, the virus blocks the data entry page in real banking applications and collects login information.

The latest version of the Trojan costs more than the versionERMAC 1.0, which made it possible to disguise itself as 378 banking applications - hackers paid $3,000 per month for it. Apparently, the increased price is associated with an increase in functionality.