Hackers Break Locks on Tesla Cars: Company Ignores This Bug

Bluetooth hackers can remotely unlock millions of digital locks

around the world, including on Tesla vehicles, cybersecurity firm NCC Group said Tuesday.

“This proves that any product based on a trusted BLE connection is vulnerable to attacks even from the other side of the world,” the British firm said in a statement, citing Bluetooth Low Energy.

The BLE protocol is a technology used in millions of cars and smart locks that automatically open when they are in close proximity to an authorized device.

Although Khan demonstrated a hack on a Tesla Model Y2021 release, NCC Group stated that any smart locks using BLE technology, including household smart locks, can be unlocked in the same way.

Tesla does not comment on this.

NCC Group stated that such a vulnerability is not similarto a traditional bug that can be fixed with a software fix, and the added BLE-based authentication was not originally intended to be used in blocking mechanisms. “Essentially, the systems people rely on to secure their cars, homes and personal data use Bluetooth authentication mechanisms that can be easily hacked with cheap off-the-shelf hardware,” the company said. "This study illustrates the dangers of technology being misused, especially when it comes to security issues."

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