Hackers get $ 60,000 for hacking Amazon Echo

Two security professionals recently took first place in the Pwn2Own hacker competition,

developing and testing various software and vulnerabilities, and also carried out an attack on Amazon Echo (these are multifunctional devices from Amazon).

How did they do it?

Amat Kama and Richard Zhu, team creatorsFluroacitat, received $ 60,000 for hunting for bugs, using the Integer Overflow vulnerability (literally - overflow with integers). The object of their “attack” was Amazon Echo Show 5 - a smart display that works with the support of assistant Alexa.

Hackers have discovered that the device usesThe old version of Chromium, in which this bug was pretty well known in certain circles, was still under development. The vulnerability allowed hackers to gain complete control over the device, provided that it is connected to a specific Wi-Fi point. The company has not yet said when and how the new vulnerability will be fixed, but stated that they will do their best.

Earlier on the same Pwn2Own, hackers said they could hack the Facebook Portal (a smart display from Facebook), but nothing came of it.

Source: TechCrunch

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