Hackers talked about creating cyber weapons against entire countries on the order of the FSB

Digital Revolution hackers talked about creating a cyber weapon against entire countries on the order of the FSB. Program

capable of organizing large-scale attacks through devices of the Internet of things.

Hackers published technical documentationproject called Fronton. In general, there are different versions of the program, but all of them can infect smart devices, unite them in a network and disrupt the operation of servers that are responsible for the stability of the Internet in entire countries.

Experts noted that the Internet of thingsit is becoming less and less protected, many people use such devices without even changing the standard factory logins and passwords. Hackers offer to attack IP cameras and digital video recorders. They noted that the attack of several hundred thousand cars can make social networks and file hosting sites inaccessible for several hours. But an attack on national DNS servers can at the same time bring down the Internet in a small country.