Half-Life: Alyx was impassable for tall players, and here's how Valve fixed it

Half-Life: Alyx received generally positive reviews about the gameplay and in particular the player’s movement

in the virtual space. Partly refined mechanics were the result of a bug that the Valve team encountered in the early stages of development.

What is known

Half-Life Developers: Alyx recorded a short video in which they talked about the development of the player’s movement. The first problem the Valve team faced was the designation of the teleport mark. As a result, the developers settled on the footprints, as they showed the body volume of the main character and helped to better understand why some places are inaccessible.

The second problem was the growth of players. In the early stages of development, testers found a difficult to repeat bug, because of which players could not get to places where other users climb without problems. It turned out that only high people sent bug reports. As Greg Kumer explained, people are used to seeing the world from a growth perspective, and Valve wanted to keep it in Half-Life: Alyx. As a result, human growth affected the size of the virtual body and perspective in the game world.

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We solved the problem by removing the condition that the player’s heightshould fit in space all the way to the teleport. So, initially, in order to get into a narrow passage, the player had to sit down, and only then press the teleport button. The updated system ignored the parameter, essentially reducing the size of the Alix model when moving in narrow spaces.

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