Half Price Doom Eternal: PlayStation 4 Games Up To 80% Off On PS Store

Sony also decided not to miss Halloween, and launched a themed sale on the PlayStation Store.

What to play

Doom got 50% off recent releasesEternal, and the standard edition of the game can now be taken for only 995 hryvnia. If you've been putting off getting to know id Software's latest project, then the time has come. This time the Doom Slayer is sent to Earth, which the hellish army is trying to capture. In battle, the hero is helped not only by firearms, but also by an endless chainsaw and a hook, which is useful for hitting soaring targets and parkour.

Mortal Shell also received a 15% discount. The game is positioned as the heir to Darks Souls, and judging by the reviews, it turned out to be one of the worthy. On Metacritic, Mortal Shell has a rating of 76 points, and praise the project for combat and peace, but at the same time scold for the duration of eight hours.

Also worth taking:

  • Life After (Days Gone ™) - 608 UAH (-71%)
  • RACCOON CITY EDITION (RE2 + RE3) - 1099 UAH (-50%)
  • Alien: Isolation - 329 UAH (-80%)
  • The Evil Within 2 - 599 UAH (-50%)
  • Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted - 649 UAH (-35%)

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