Halo: The Master Chief Collection is about to introduce microtransactions

Halo: The Master Chief Collection developed according to the system of seasons and had an analogue of the battle pass, but microtransactions there

did not have. Looks like that's about to change: in a recent blog post 343 Industries talked about what is going to be introduced into MSS the ability to buy special “Spartan glasses”.

Spartan Points are the renamed Seasonal Points. They are given when completing tests and leveling up. Points are spent on unlocking customization items. Over the years of support MSS the number of "cosmetics" exceeded 1,000 pieces.

In the future, Spartan Points will be available for purchase forreal money. As the developers emphasize, this is just an additional opportunity for those who want to get some kind of item, but they don’t have the time (or desire) to grind. Spartan points will continue to be awarded for both challenge and level up.

Judging by the way the developers select the words on the blog, they can still refuse to donate, but most likely it will still appear. More details about how everything will be arranged will be discussed later.