Hangover pill released: breaks down 70% of alcohol in an hour

In the UK, Myrkl's pills have begun selling, which are supposed to help cope with a hangover.

You need to drink them before taking alcohol. Discuss

The tablet is claimed to break down up to 70%alcohol for 60 minutes. This means that if someone drinks 50 ml of 40% alcohol, only 6 ml of alcohol will enter their bloodstream. By reducing the amount of alcohol absorbed by the body, negative effects are reduced.

The supplement company recommendstake two tablets 1-12 hours before drinking alcohol. The drug contains two beneficial bacteria for the intestines - Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus coagulans - obtained from fermented rice bran. These bacteria naturally break down alcohol into water and carbon dioxide. The capsule protects bacteria from natural stomach acids so they can enter the intestines, where most of the alcohol is absorbed.

The experts concluded that some peoplesuch a pill will be useful to prevent a hangover the next day. However, the best cure for this condition remains drinking less alcohol the night before.