Hard to believe, but the Kingdom Hearts series is finally coming to PC, but not on Steam

Epic Games hosted its own show featuring new games for the brand store. The loudest announcement was

the arrival of the Kingdom Hearts series on PC.

What is known

Kingdom Hearts series is finally officialwill drop into PC and will be an Epic Games Store exclusive. Almost all games in the franchise will appear in the store, mostly in the form of collections. The same Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix includes six adventures at once.

PC will release:

  • Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix - 1 150 UAH,
  • Kingdom Hearts FINAL MIX
  • Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories
  • Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (HD Remastered)
  • Kingdom Hearts 2 FINAL MIX
  • Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep FINAL MIX
  • Kingdom Hearts Re: coded (HD remaster)
  • Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8: Final Chapter Prologue - UAH 1,400,
  • Kingdom HeartsDream Drop Distance HD
  • Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage-
  • Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover (film)
  • Kingdom Hearts III + Re Mind add-on - UAH 1,400,
  • Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory - UAH 1,400,

The games are set to release on March 30, 2021, and pre-orders are already open on the Epic Games Store.

For players who want to know more:

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