Hard to believe, but the virtual assistant Google Assistant has earned on Windows, macOS and Linux

Surely many of you wondered why Google Assistant is available on different smart devices, but it still isn't

released for PC. So the developer Melvin L. Abraham also thought about this and created an unofficial assistant client.

What is known

The application works on computers running Windows, macOS and Linux. It, according to Melvin, is built on the Electron framework. By the way, it is also used by the Discord and Spotify apps.

You can download the program on GitHub, but sinceunofficial client, to install it you have to "dance with a tambourine" a little. First, you need to register with Google Cloud, and then create a project and connect it to the application and your Google account. At first glance, this may seem complicated, but if you follow the instructions (in English), the process will take literally 10 minutes.

We managed to install Google Assistant onMacBook Air with ARM-based M1 processor. Everything works perfectly. The assistant can do everything the same as on a smartphone or smart speaker. That is, using it you can control smart devices in the house, find out the weather, schedule, etc.

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