Hardcore MMO Albion Online is forever free for smartphones and PCs

Sandbox Interactive announced that ambitious MMO Albion Online has become shareware.

What is known

According to

developers, transition to a free modeldistribution will not affect the gameplay. Albion Online relied on premium subscriptions, which are still in the game, only now gamers can start the adventure for free. In addition, users of the free version will not be limited in activities and other parts of the game.

Albion Online has been described as a "hardcore MMO"in which the economy is tied to the players. On the market, gamers can sell everything they have mined or made, creating a pricing policy for resources, equipment, and more. In Albion, players can also join guilds, participate in global battles for territory, and rob other players.

Users can play Albion OnlineWindows, Linux, Mac OS X, and also Android. For the latter, the developers recommend running the game on smartphones with a 7-inch screen or larger. You can download Albion on the official website, where the system requirements are also indicated. The PC version is also available on Steam.