Harley-Davidson enters the e-bike market

Despite the fact that public attention is focused on the LiveWire electric motorcycle, the H-D concern also launches

electric bikes with extremely interesting chips.

The last time about similar developments fromWe heard about the famous motorcycle brand more than a year ago. Then Harley-Davidson introduced the concepts of several electric bikes, including a mountain bike of a rather aggressive look.

But since then we have not received any news about this concept. Up to this point.

The company officially announced the imminent releaseelectric bike line at the annual dealer rally. This line includes three different models - two types of urban step-over and one step-through (step-over is very similar to modern sports bikes, and step-through, for better understanding, we will call "grandma's great" because of the specific shape frames).

Step-through frame example

But the authors embellished the name a little, because their “city bike” is an angular and aggressive-looking vehicle with large tires.

Despite the exclusivity of the brand as such, Harley-Davidson promises that their new electric bikes will be freely available on the market, although not everywhere.

A source: electrek