Harper ABX-332: a smart entertainment box

The modern TV market is simply bursting with the breadth of the assortment, especially in recent years

Smart TVs, i.e. smart TVs, are popular.Nothing better than going to the store, choosing the best TVand buy it, and send your old one to the country or hang it in the kitchen.But this is in theory, in practice it does not always work out with new clothes, our desires do not coincide with our capabilities.And the old TV, it is only old in words and according to the year of production, but so it shows well, will lastIt's a pity for another ten years or more.

But you can do it another way - turn yourTV in smart TV. Moreover, this can be done quickly and inexpensively, and you won’t have to climb inside the TV, it will be enough to buy a small magic box or an ABX-332 smart TV set-top box from the Chinese manufacturer Harper. By the way, the fact that the prefix is ​​Chinese does not mean that it is of poor quality, after all, even the iPhone is manufactured in the Middle Kingdom, and the brand is quite serious. Russification is also present.

Iron filling

At the heart of the TV box is the 8-core Amlogic chipsetS912, which is a frequent visitor to television consoles. The graphics accelerator is Mali-T820MP3. The performance of this bundle is enough to view any video content, plus you can even play casual games. RAM installed 3 gigabytes, a drive with a capacity of 32 gigabytes, the space for files can be increased with an SD card, and you can also connect an external SSDHDD. There is no problem with a place for storing content, because you can use flash drives and cloud storage. Moreover, with the network capabilities of the gadget everything is in order. WiFi antennas do not stick out, they are built-in like a smartphone, but the tenacity of the module is excellent, it does not lose connection.


The device on Android, hybrid control. There is a standard remote control, you can use the mouse and keyboard, in general, it’s very simple to control, only what users are used to. There are two USB ports here, so if the drive is constantly connected, there will be one connector for the mouse with the keyboard. But you can always use the wireless interface, since there are a lot of Bluetooth mice and keyboards, and they have become quite cheap. And if you buy another KBWL-050 from the same company (this is a universal manipulator), then it will become even easier to manage, and Google Assistant with voice commands becomes available, since there is an integrated microphone.

Build quality is high, it works stably, notit hangs, it is convenient to hold, there is a button illumination, and it is activated automatically as soon as the user picks up the device with the buttons up. In addition, it is possible to control boxing via a smartphone tablet, for which there is a special application


ABX-332 unlike most similardevices literally crammed with the appropriate software. Most of these are various players, including the powerful Kodi software package, there are IPTV applications from various developers and services, and there are popular online movie theaters. All this works, and smoothly, without problems, and there is also a full-fledged uncut Google Play, as well as an alternative represented by Aptoide, in which you can find exclusive applications. You should not worry about video formats, the prefix handles any files that can be found. HDR also plays well if the TV supports it, otherwise it just translates everything into SDR. The picture does not distort, the color conveys juicy, without video noise.

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