He also sings: Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner connected to Spotify

What Xiaomi gadgets can’t do, but now the Chinese manufacturer’s robot vacuum cleaner has learned not only

remove trash from the floor, but also play music tracks!

What have they done

This is thanks to enthusiast Eddie Zhang, who managed to connect the Spotify streaming center to the Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner.

To do this, he used the Raspotify app.a modified open-source client for installing the service on Raspbian, a Debian-based operating system for Raspberry Pi computers. It's not an easy process, which Eddie details in his blog.

As a result, the vacuum cleaner stilland “humming” songs from Spotify. Of course, its speakers were not designed for this, so the sound quality was terrible. Now all that remains is to teach the vacuum cleaner to feed the cat on its own - then the Furrytail Pet automatic feeder will not be needed.

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