Headphones AirPods 2 did not meet the expectations of Apple

A few months ago, Apple released the second generation of wireless AirPods headphones with wireless

charging case. And now Counterpoint Research analysts have released a report on the results of the first quarter, from which you can draw the first conclusions about the success (or vice versa) of the AirPods 2.

Not for sale

In the first quarter, Apple’s share ofThe market for wireless headphones and accessories has remained the same as the quarter before. Thus, the launch of AirPods 2 had virtually no effect on the company's total sales, despite the expectations of Apple and analysts.

“Sales of the new model turned out to be weaker than originally anticipated, due to the ambiguous reaction of the market,” Counterpoint analysts say.

Moreover, thanks to promotions and discounts, the first generation of headphones sells much better than the second.

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Most likely, users expected morechanges from the new AirPods. In addition to the case, the headphones received a new H1 chip and new Siri teams, and the talk time increased from 2 to 3 hours. Otherwise, these are the same AirPods with identical design. But the final sales results will be known later, as the headphones came out at the end of the quarter.

Despite this, Apple is still the undisputed market leader with a share of over 50%.

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