Heardspace: Shipbreaker is out of early access

Nearly two years later, sci-fi dismantling sim Heardspace Shepbreaker has left Early Access. AT

In honor of the release of the final update, the developers released a trailer and made a discount on the game.

As a reminder, in Heardspace:Shepbreaker you will become a specialist in the recycling of spaceships: cut them apart, pull out jewelry and destroy especially dangerous segments. The authors of the game are proud of the physical technology: for example, pieces of metal are cut off exactly as you run a laser over them. The ultimate goal is to accumulate enough money to get out of the debt bondage of a large corporation to which you owe a considerable amount of money.

In update 1.0 added the final third act of the story campaign, a ship salvage save, and Steam achievements. In addition, we improved the balance of progress and eliminated about 200 small bugs.

Heardspace: Shinpbreaker is only available on PC (Steam, Xbox Game Pass).