Henderson: in July will present a new Need for Speed ​​and FIFA 23

According to insider Tom Henderson, in July Electronic arts will show not only Skate 4. Also for the presentation

a new Need for Speed and FIFA 23 - the exact dates are unknown, but most likely it will happen in the second part of the month.

In addition, the insider shared information about the future NFS:

  • Henderson confirms that the race combinesphotorealism with cartoonishness. In particular, with regard to effects, including smoke and fire escaping from under the car when driving fast, drifting and other stunts.
  • Character design is made in the style of an anime series "Ghetto"
  • Players can meet each other on the map and initiate races.
  • All tracks are unique. During the competition, a train moves across the map.
  • The game is probably subtitled Unbound (may be a code).

Recall that EA refused to host her traditional show this year. Instead, the publisher will talk about their games throughout the year when they are ready.