Heroes of the Storm will host the Scarlet Casino Heist, a 1920s-themed event with a special mode

Despite the difficulties, Blizzard has not abandoned Heroes of the Storm and is preparing a new themed event.


The first hint of the upcoming update has appearedon the game's Twitter in the form of a wanted notice for Orphea, Junkrat, Whitemane and Sergeant Hammer. Now the developers have released a story trailer, in which they told what awaits the players.

In the “Scarlet Casino Heist,” the characters will stagea raid on the vault where the money of the losing poor souls is kept. Orphea has organized her own gang with Junkrat and Sergeant Hammer, but each group needs funding and the casino safe will be a great source.

Orphea's plan is simple:She captures the safe while Junkrat provides fire support and Hammer paves the way to freedom. Whiteman doesn't expect anyone to be brave or stupid enough to steal the Scarlet Mafia's money, and Orphea's team takes advantage of this.

The Scarlet Casino Heist launches on September 24, along with special missions that will reward players with themed rewards. 1920s style character skins included.