“Hey Apple, we're the best!”: Huawei hacked Twitter to write insults

Yesterday, Huawei suffered as a result of a hacker attack: unknown people hacked their Twitter account

Brazilian branch of Huawei.

What happened

Only a few messages appeared on the Huawei Mobile BR page, but what a few! With obscene language and insults directed at the competitor, Apple.

“It's Black Friday. Censorship. But poor people will not be able to buy our gadgets. Communism" and “Hey @Apple bastards, censorship! We are the best!" — such messages were left by hackers on the Huawei page.


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Company representatives have already deleted these posts.and apologized to users. “The company also emphasizes that it respects the public and competitors and does not condone any hateful comments from any company,” the manufacturer states.

The company is currently conducting an investigation.

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