Hideo Kojima hints at a new project: a mysterious screenshot appeared on his Twitter

The famous Japanese game designer Hideo Kojima again begins to flirt with the public and hints at

new project. Moreover, he does it, as always, mysteriously and allegorically.
Kojima has repeatedly stated that he prefers to personally edit trailers for his games, and today a screenshot from his work computer with the caption “Almost finished editing” appeared on his Twitter account.

Hideo Kojima did not specify what exactly he edited, but there have long been speculations on the network about the imminent announcement of the Overdose horror, which, according to insiders, the Japanese is working on.
In addition, Norman Reedus, who played the main role in Death Stranding, hinted at the beginning of the development of a sequel to this game.

Most likely a mysterious announcement from Kojimawill be performed at the opening ceremony of gamescom 2022, which will take place on the evening of August 23. Moreover, Jeff Keely promised unexpected announcements, and given the friendly relations between Keely and Kojima, the chance of an early announcement of a new game from Kojima Productions is extremely high.