Hisense A6: two-screen smartphone with an average filling

Two screens on one smartphone sounds good, but hereSuch devices do not take root very well, and there are already examples of this

A lot, he will not even announce the name of the one that is supposedly domestic.A very useful feature, but why then the main screen, you could get by with one E-Ink, but what is it.Moreover, in the evenings, it is really more pleasant to view the latest news and social media feeds in the e-reader mode.

With a smartphone price of 32 thousand rubles, that isalmost $ 500, not very much turned out flagship unit. For such money, Chinese brands make top-notch performance with the most powerful processors, large amounts of memory, the latest OLED technology, powerful cameras and many other chips. In addition, the Hisense brand is not so popular, especially in our country, there were only a few models, and such a price tag is extremely ambitious. By the way, in his homeland the cost of it also raised a lot of questions, and it is unlikely that the model will soar there.

Design, ergonomics

So, what we have on this multifunctional brick is:

  • Front panel - perforation for a speaker, front camera with a 16 megapixel sensor, notification LED, in fact, a screen;
  • The back panel is a main camera with a 12 megapixel sensor, a flash, the second E-Ink screen itself;
  • The top face is the point of the microphone;
  • Bottom side - speaker, microphone point, USB-C;
  • The right side is the receiver of the sims, the button for switching screens;
  • The left side is the on / off button with integrated fingerprint, a pair of volume buttons.
  • The frame of the smartphone is made of aluminum, the edges are rounded, the weight of the gadget is 186 grams. In the hand is pretty confident, there is a feeling of a metal monolith.


It’s worth starting with the main one6-inch diagonal and the resolution of the AMOLED-matrix 2160x1080 with a pixel density of 402 ppi. The stock of brightness is quite acceptable, about 500 nits, there is an auto-tuning that works out quite correctly. On a sunny day, outdoor information is quite comfortable to read information from the screen. Of course, the viewing angles are maximum, the picture quality corresponds to the average AMOLED, there is a night mode.

On the back side is located 5.6-inch screen with a resolution of e-INK-matrix HD. In terms of functions, this is just a duplicate of the main screen, there are no special chips. That is, all applications can be opened here, even looking at the video, however, the quality is poor. And no wonder, there are not many gradations of gray, dark transitions stick, updating is infrequent, there is no forced one. There is a backlight, which is good, all the more regulated in nine steps of brightness.


As a processor chip works hereQualcomm's Snapdragon 660 is a two-year-old processor, but relatively smart. In any case, the games are launched on the smartphone, and more or less you can play hard games. The interface works quickly and smoothly, without friezes. However, for $ 480 an old processor, and not even the top two-year-old, this is not very correct. Smartphone performance closer to the budget class or the bottom of the middle. With photo capabilities, the smartphone is also far from smooth, there are two cameras, a front one with a 16 megapixel sensor, and a main one with 12 megapixels. The set of functions they have is minimal, they put on cheap models. The only feature is the night mode, when the camera takes several pictures at once, and then it glues them. There are no questions on quality, close to the budget level.

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