HiSense Touch: Hybrid E Ink e-reader and Hi-Fi music player

HiSense presented an unusual gadget that at first glance resembles a smartphone, but in fact

is actually a hybrid of an e-book and a music player.

What it is

The device is equipped with a black and white E Ink screen with5.84 '' diagonal with ambient light sensor for automatic adjustment of brightness level and color temperature. By the way, 2048 brightness levels and 36 color temperature levels are declared.

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The body of the gadget is metal with a thickness of 8 mm, and the weightis about 155 g - that is, like a regular smartphone. It runs Touch OS based on Android 11 and supports 50W fast battery charging.

3.5 mm are provided for listening to musicheadphone jack, Hi-Fi audio system, ESS ES9038 D / A converter and ES9603 amplifier. Supports 384 kHz / 32-bit audio.

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HiSense Touch costs about $ 250.

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