Hitman 3 players will be sent to hunt eggs and investigate the past of Agent 47 in March

IO Interactive has released an update roadmap for Hitman 3 for March this year.

What is known

In March, players

Hitman 3 will catch the first seasonal event -The Berlin Egg Hunt. The developers will send Agent 47 to Berlin, where new challenges, collectibles, and goals await him. The event will be free for all users, and players will be able to unlock a special costume for completing missions.

For the owners of the "Deluxe Edition" IO Interactive have prepared a new story mission Satu Mare Delirium. The developers decided to delve into the past of Agent 47, telling more about the events of Codename 47.

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Hitman 3 players will also be able to hunt for a new elusive target in March. The murder is given ten days and only one attempt. Therefore, you need to act quickly and surely.

Along with the new content, IO Interactive also promises to improve performance and fix bugs. The developers will tell you more about each content add-on later.

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