HoloLens 2 gets full integration with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has long supported video calls on HoloLens 2, but now the company will provide full platform integration

into your mixed reality headset.HoloLens 2 users will now be able to freely call people directly from the headset, view and add Teams contacts to calls, and view calendars and join group meetings.

Also available on the headset is the abilityuse text chat during calls and access images or PDFs shared by users during a meeting. All files or images can be saved to OneDrive storage for further work with them.

Microsoft Teams was commonly used on HoloLens 2for remote assistance when an engineer or someone from the support team called into a meeting or to solve a specific problem. In this scenario, Teams PC users will see the HololLens 2 video feed from the perspective of the person wearing the headset. Therefore, such improvements can clearly benefit workers with such devices.

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