Honda's first hybrid SUV - 2020 CR-V will appear in 2020

The Japanese brand is still developing an SUV for the American market, the basis of the car will be

famous CR-V. The performance increase is expected to be small - 212 hp for the hybrid versus 190 for its gasoline counterpart. However, the main feature of the 2020 CR-V is far from this.

What are the differences?

Compared to the regular Honda versionthe efficiency of the hybrid in an urban environment will be about 50%. And this is considering that there are no official data yet. The unique twin-engine technology will allow throwing the electric motor drive to the rear wheels, which will have a very positive effect on traction. What is also interesting - it will be possible to drive a CR-V in fully electric mode, but it is not yet known how long the batteries last.

What was delivered?

Not forgotten in Honda and about many goodiesmodern car: a seven-inch touchscreen will allow the use of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and the Touring package will include a Qi device for wireless charging of the mobile phone. Any package will also include Honda Sensing. This is a system similar to the Tesla autopilot; it is also able to slow down in case of emergency (including pedestrian detection), assistance in leaving the lane and holding the road, as well as adaptive cruise control. In options, visibility of blind spots will be available.

When and how much?

The date of the appearance of new items on the mass market is still very approximate - at the beginning of 2020. The price is also not yet known.