Honor 20: 5 cameras, flagship processor and FullHD + screen

The Honor 20 line was unlucky with the international background; it was demonstrated in London right at the height of the scandal with

US government sanctions against Huawei.However, we decided to show both smartphones at once, the standard and the Pro version. And through thorns, it can still be purchased in our markets. After its debut, this model is the flagship for the brand. Top processor, multi-module cameras, high-quality display with LTPS matrix. By the way, when you buy this model for 28 thousand rubles, you get the Honor FlyPods wireless headset, which itself costs about 8 thousand rubles.

Design, ergonomics

There are no major differences from View 20, and where are they fromtake if all smartphones now have the same design, and differ from each other only in small details and colors. It looks the same weighty body, and a considerable screen size. The back panel, of course, can have any design, here is used Holographic Design. If in the previous model there was a drawing with V, then it is not here. But there is a 3D effect of a curved mirror. This is achieved by a multilayer material with a special treatment of each layer.

On the front panel at the top (in frame)fit the sensors and speaker to talk under the micro-perforation. The speaker is quite loud, a lot of mids. Sometimes you can not get to the edge of the ear, and you have to move a little smartphone with the habit of positioning the speaker to happen. At the bottom is a microphone, a USB-C port and a multimedia speaker. Its sound is juicy, deep, produces quite loud and clear music, however, there is still no surround sound, no matter how hard they try to imitate it programmatically. On the left side of the slide for the sim card, on the right is the power key with an integrated fingerprint scanner. On the back side is a huge camera module, which houses three lenses and a flash, while suddenly another lens is next to it.


Screen diagonal 6.3 ”, on View 20 diagonal 6.4 ”, the resolution of the LTPS matrix is ​​2340x1080 or FullHD +. Remarkably, the manufacturer refused transcendental permits for their products. And this is right, because there is less energy, that is, autonomy is more, then, the difference the ordinary person does not notice, even lower resolution does not affect perception. Approximately these resolutions are for 35-inch monitors, and users feel great there. Why on small displays of smartphones such high resolutions?

Working hours

Autonomy is provided here by the battery on3750 mAh The charge is enough for a full seven hours flashlight mode with medium brightness. In the standard scenario, the smartphone lasts 30 hours. Playing video at the maximum brightness of 10 hours, the game lasts for five hours.


At first, only the configuration with 6 will be on sale.gigabytes of ram, and 128 gigabytes of storage. The memory here has a speed of 20 gigabits per second, which is a pretty good result. The drive for reading 630 megabytes and writing - 200 megabytes, is also very worthy. However, if you compare with expensive flagships from other manufacturers, then the parameters almost fall short of the top. The 7-nanometer chipset Kirin 980 is working under the hood, the ninth version of Android and the MagicUI shell are installed as the OS.


With cameras everything turned out traditionally - marketingis so apparently driving, and Honor decided to speculate on this, because if there are so many cameras /, then we can also expect a lot of noise around it. The novelty has got as many as 5 cameras, of which only one is frontal, and four are modules of the main camera. There are wide-angle optics, a conventional camera for bokeh effect, and one more for macro photography. Sensors: 48 megapixels Sony IMX586, 16 megapixels, two 2 megapixels, and a selfie camera with a 32 megapixel sensor.

In general, there seems to be some logic, but here’s a separateThe camera for macro photography is uncomfortable, ordinary optics and focus 4 centimeters. In general, there is no macro, in fact, no marketing, just a lot of cameras. Selfie camera has received electronic stabilization and not bad writes a video in FullHD. The main cameras make high-quality photos only in good light, not flagship. But for social networks the level is sufficient.

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