Honor Band 5i: a fitness bracelet with charging in the strap, but without NFC and with a TFT display for $ 22

In late July, the Huawei Honor sub-brand released the Honor Band 5 smart bracelet, and today, together with the Honor 20 Youth Edition smartphone.

introduced a new version of the tracker - Honor Band 5i.

What changed

First of all, charging the tracker is now muchmore convenient. No need to take out the capsule and use the docking station - the Honor Band 5i strap has a plug for direct charging. One click of a button - and the strap "moves apart", giving way to a USB connector. As a result, the bracelet can be directly charged about the unit in a power outlet, laptop or power bank.

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But the screen here is worse: instead of AMOLED - a 0.96-inch TFT-display with a resolution of 160 × 80 pixels, a touch button at the bottom, several predefined dials and a capacity of up to 30 characters.

In addition, the NFC module in this model was removed.

A battery with a capacity of 91 mAh is installed inside, one charge of which is enough for 7–9 days of operation.

The bracelet can measure the pulse and oxygen level in the blood, supports 9 sports modes, monitors the quality of sleep and is not afraid of diving into water to a depth of 50 meters.

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If for Honor Band 5 they ask for $ 28 (for the version without NFC), then Honor Band 5i will cost $ 22. Sales will start on November 1, but from today you can pre-order.