Honor is preparing a new fitness tracker Band 5i

At the end of July, the Huawei Honor sub-brand introduced the Band 5 fitness tracker (pictured), and is now preparing to announce a new

models - Band 5i.

What and when

Judging by the promotional poster, the main feature of the new version will be a charging plug hidden right in the strap, which can be directly connected to a USB A charger.

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Externally, Honor Band 5i looks like a regular “five”:the same elongated case, the same silicone strap. However, the latter will most likely be non-removable due to that same plug. But the new bracelet will probably lose NFC.

The poster shows three colors of the gadget: black, pink and green.

Honor Band 5i will be presented on October 22, along with the Honor 20 Youth Edition smartphone.