Honor plans to release 5G-smartphones with a price tag of $ 140

A few days ago, the Huawei sub-brand announced Honor V30 - one of the cheapest flagship 5G smartphones on the market.

market. But this is not the limit and the manufacturer plans to create such devices in the mid-budget and budget segments.

What is known

The head of the company, Zhao Ming, spoke withjournalists in China. He said that the manufacturer wants to attract as many users as possible to the fifth generation network. So the next step for Honor is to release 5G smartphones that will cost $280, $210, or even $140. The first such devices should appear on the market next year.

Let us remind you that the Honor V30, presented on November 26, costs from $470. For comparison, the 5G version of the flagship Huawei Mate 30 Pro is sold in China with a price tag twice as expensive - $980.

By the way, the other day Zhao Ming also announced that Honor smartphones will no longer participate in the DxOMark rating.

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