Hope for Alan Wake 2: Remedy boss wants to revive the series

Three months ago, journalists spoke with a Remedy representative, who made it clear that the Alan Wake series

is dead and the developers do not have the strength to revive it. In a new interview with IGN, studio head Sam Lake, on the contrary, gave hope for the resurrection of the franchise.

What is known

Remedy boss says he wants to return to AlanWake, but finds it a difficult task because modern games have set a new bar. According to the head, the developers will have to try to do everything right, but first they need to get the green light.

“I want to do this [Alan Wake 2].It's a curious thing. So much time has passed. I feel like the bar has been raised in some ways. If you do it, do it right. Everything must be in its place, which is quite difficult to achieve. For a game like this to get the green light, a lot of things need to come together successfully. But I hope someday,” Lake said.

Yes, there is little specificity in the words of the studio head,but it's clear that the Remedy boss is interested in reviving the franchise. This is also hinted at by the planned series based on Alan Wake, as well as the return of publishing rights to the games in the series. In addition, Remedy already tried to release a sequel, but the project died at the prototype stage. Then some of the ideas were transferred to Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, but it didn’t come to a full-fledged sequel.

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