Hoping for a miracle: BioWare creates Dragon Age 4 based on Anthem code

Anthem was another failure for the new BioWare. Gameplay though could attract the attention of gamers, but

performance and stability of the project weed out even the fans. Nevertheless, the developers decided not to throw away the groundwork and plan to do Dragon Age 4 on the basis of the Anthem code.

What is known

From a conversation with a former BioWare employeejournalist Kotaku learned that a change had come to the studio. Dragon Age 4 was reworked several times, giving different code names, but now developers will use ready-made tools and practices. So, BioWare decided not to start the project from scratch, but to take the Anthem code as a basis.

Given the launch of "Hymn", it seems badidea, but in fact it gives developers a head start. By fixing Anthem's problems, BioWare better figured out its own tools, which can be beneficial to Dragon Age 4.

"I think Anthem can be that punchwhich BioWare management needs to see how game development has changed. You cannot start from scratch and grope your way forward until you find fun. It doesn't work anymore, ”said the former employee.