Horror about Goblin Inscryption will appear on PlayStation on August 30

Indie game developer Daniel Mullins has already released three noteworthy games - Pony Island, The Hex and

Inscryption. But his projects never made it to consoles. The first signs on fresh platforms will be the horror about Leshy Inscryption.

Devolver Digital has confirmed the daterelease on PlayStation - August 30th. Pre-order is already open. Inscryption takes advantage of platform features: cards speak to you from the controller's speaker, an LED mimics the lighting in the game, and DualSense enhances the experience with haptic feedback.

Recall, Inscryption pretends to be stylish“bagel” about cards, where you sit in Leshy’s hut and, for example, for the sake of advantage, you can pull out your tooth or gouge out your eye. But in fact, everything is much more thoughtful: Leshy is definitely hiding something, the ermine from the map starts talking to you, and somewhere on the periphery the second bottom of the story flashes. Or even a third?