How and why to include mono audio for AirPods and other headphones.

When you and a friend want to watch or listen to something together, you can share one with them

AirPods earphone. However, you may not be able to hear some parts of the audio due to stereo sound. To avoid this, you need to enable mono sound for AirPods.

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Stereo recordings contain separate audio elements forleft and right channels. This is called stereo sharing, and sometimes you need to turn it off. Fortunately, on the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Apple TV and Apple Watch you can do it.

AirPods automatically switch to mono when one earphone stays in the case.

Why use mono audio

Although in most cases the stereo sound is imperceptible, there are films and songs in which the separation of audio is strongly felt.

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Stereo sound is very noticeable in action films with numerous sound effects that often switch between the left and right channels. This practice is being used more and more for songs

You can skip elements of sound even if one ear hears from you worse than the other. To fully enjoy music and movies, you can switch to mono sound.

How to enable mono audio forAirplans

Mono audio can be turned on for any wireless headset connected to an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Apple TV or Apple Watch.


one)Open the appSettingson your iOS device.


3)SelectUniversal access.

four)In sectionHearingturn onMono audio.

Now the same audio track will be broadcast to both AirPods headphones, and you can share one with your friend to enjoy the music together. Do not forget to turn off the mono sound after this.


one)From the menu bar, selectSystem settings.

2)SelectUniversal access.

3)Select a section from the menu on the leftAudioIn chapterHearing.

four)Check the box next toPlay stereo sound as mono sound.

Apple TV

one)OpenSettingson your Apple TV.


3)SelectUniversal access.

four)Turn onMono modein sectionHearing.

Apple Watch

one)Open the appApple Watchon your iPhone.

2)Select a tabMy watch.


four)SelectUniversal access.

five)Turn onMono audioin sectionHearing.

How to check stereo separation

To independently check how it worksstereo separation, you can use the video below. Insert one AirPod earpiece into your ear, and leave the second one in a case, and then turn on the video. You will hear both channels. After that, insert a second earphone into your ear, and you will hear stereo sound.

Now remove one AirPod, but do not put it in the case.

The sound will continue to play in stereo, and you will immediately notice the difference.

AirPods understand when you take them out of your ear, and automatically stop the sound. However, if one of the headphones is in the case, iOS automatically activates mono audio.

AirPods will be out in black soon!

It would be great if mono sound automaticallyturned on when you give one earphone to someone else. In addition, it would be convenient to receive calls through one earphone so that the second one continues to broadcast another audio.

Another idea is that headphones could determine how far they are from each other to automatically turn on mono.

Now you understand why previously only half of your favorite songs could be heard, because often listening to music through one earphone is more convenient. For example, while driving.