How can I make a stylus with my own hands

Probably, many smartphone owners are interested in how to make a stylus with their own hands. This is explained by

such details are again beginning to be increasingly introduced intomany devices. Typically, these unique products come bundled with tablets or phones, but if they are lost, you will have to buy new mini-pens, and they cost a lot of money.

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The easiest way to create a stylus

How to make a stylus for the tablet with your own hands? This process is very simple and economical, since everyone has the necessary materials on the farm. By creating such a detail, it will be much more convenient to work with a smartphone. For effective functioning of the device, it must be arranged so that it can serve as a conductor of static charge between the fingers and the display of equipment. Before you make a stylus for a smartphone, you need to prepare:

  • dense aluminum foil;
  • cotton swab;
  • pen (ballpoint);
  • Scotch;
  • scissors.

How to make a stylus on your own? To do this, open the ballpoint pen and remove the rod from there. Then you need to take a q-tip and cut it at a sharp angle. After this process, you need to apply the resulting element to replace the rod. It is necessary to fix the wand using scotch tape. At the end of this stage, you should take the foil, wrap the handle a little higher than the cotton swab. It is recommended to wrap tightly, after which you need to fasten the upper part of the handle with adhesive tape. Next you want to moisten a cotton swab. After that, you can start to work. It is very important that the fingers come into contact with the foil. This will contribute to the passage of static electricity, which will allow you to interact with the screen. But such a self-made stylus has a slight drawback: it requires periodic wetting of the cotton tip. Therefore, before creating it, you need to think about your convenience.

A stylus for a capacitive touchscreen with his own hand

You can make a stylus for the capacitive screen with your own hands. To make it thin and easy to use, you need to use:

  • steel washer;
  • aluminum rod;
  • a skein of thread.

If the inventory list is at hand, and hecompletely satisfied, then you can go directly to the creation of the stylus. To do this, it is necessary to solder the handle / rod to the washer at an angle so that it becomes as compatible as possible with the natural position of the human limb. But such a design can scratch the display, and the thinner it is, the worse. You can eliminate this defect with the help of threads. To do this, they need to wrap the annular edge of the device. To increase the contact, you need to bring the finger close to the smartphone. This device does not leave scratches on the capacitive surface, and the thin screen responds very quickly, so there is no need to press on the device. Also, if you make a stylus for a smartphone or tablet with your own hands according to this scheme, then you can not worry about the appearance of marks and scratches on the screen. It is easy to use and even able to wipe the display, so that it will always be clean.

If you know how to make a stylus for the phone, then you can not spend money on the purchase of such a device.

Video instructions for making the stylus