“How do you like it, Elon Musk?”: China is preparing a reusable super-heavy rocket Long March 9

Chinese booster manufacturers are developing a fully reusable version of a super-heavy rocket

Long March 9, necessary for future space "megaprojects". The new concept was presented by the chief designer of the Long March rocket series, Long Lehao. Discuss

The giant rocket will consist of three stages and four side boosters, with the first stage and boosters using a fuel mixture of kerosene and liquid oxygen.

The first stage of the launch vehicle with a diameter of 10.6 meters will be able to launch 150 tons of payload into low Earth orbit, 65 tons into geosynchronous orbit or 50 tons into lunar orbit.

Long, a senior official who often provides updates on China's space activities, said new launch vehicles should be ready by 2035.

China is also developing a three-stage heavya rocket capable of sending Chinese astronauts to the moon. A two-stage low Earth orbit version could make its first flight in 2026.