How do you like it, Sony? Phil Spencer called the main chips of the next generation Xbox

Xbox head Phil Spencer talks to Game Spot, talking about the main features of the Xbox Scarlet,

which marks the beginning of the ninth generation of consoles.

What have learned

Like colleagues from Sony, Microsoft will concentrateon performance and graphics. The developers want to achieve the “fastest” download of games, as well as stable 60 frames per second at a resolution of 4K. The same goes for Blu-ray movies and streaming.

“Playability is probably our main focus in this[ninth] generation. How fast do [games] load? Do I feel that I can enter the game as quickly as possible? How will it feel? Does this game look unique and different from other projects that I saw? This is our goal, ”said Spencer.

The second feature is backward compatibility. Microsoft will allow gamers to run games from the Xbox One on the upcoming Xbox Scarlett, as well as use controllers from the previous generation of consoles. This will allow users to switch to the ninth generation, moreover, without losing the purchased accessories. How do you like it, Sony?

“Things you bought from us, whether it’s games orthe controllers you use, we want to make sure that they are compatible with future versions of our consoles with the highest fidelity, ”said Spencer.