How does a psychopath's brain differ from a normal one?

Neuroimaging techniques have helped to find out that the striatum of the brain tends to be larger in

psychopaths. Discuss

In a new study, scientists usedmagnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to study the structure of the brain of 108 men. The researchers found that the psychopaths had, on average, 9.4% more striatal volume than the control group. An additional analysis of 12 female participants provided evidence that the results could be generalized to them.

“Adults with psychopathic traits havelarge volumes of the striatum, an area of ​​the brain that is involved in the processing of information related to reward, ”the scientists explained. They added that they have always known that psychopaths tend to go to extremes in search of rewards, including criminal activity. It looks like scientists have found a neurobiological basis for this impulsive behavior.