How does the Trade-In for the old smartphone and why it is convenient and profitable

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We talk about how you can save money and time when buying a new gadget.

using the Citrus Exchange service as an example.

What to do with the old gadget when buying a new one? Give to relatives or sell on the Internet? How to protect against risks, get a fair price and spend the least amount of time? In fact, all this can be done easily, quickly and safely. Thousands of Ukrainians have already done so, acquiring equipment under the trade-in scheme.

What is trade-in

In Europe and especially in the USA, a service is widespread.where you can get a significant discount when buying a new product, if you leave the old merchant. It does not matter whether the old product was bought here. Everyone wins in such a scheme: the buyer gets a new product cheaper than it costs. The problem is solved with how, to whom and for how much to sell the product, without the risk of encountering fraudsters. Time is saved - the transaction is made right on the spot and does not take much time. Instead of communicating with intermediaries and using Internet sites, everything can be arranged right before buying a new technology. Wins from this transaction and the store, whose business is to sell such goods and understanding the needs of buyers looking to save. Sale of goods received by the exchange program allows you to attract a new audience of customers who do not buy the product for its full value.

How Citrus Exchange Works

Citrus was the first electronics store chainintroduced the exchange program, which received a simple and clear name - Citrus Exchange. It allows you to evaluate the old device (it can be a phone, smartphone, tablet or MacBook) right on the spot. And get a discount when buying a new product in the amount received as a result of the valuation of the old gadget. The most important evaluation criteria affecting the price are:

  • technical condition and appearance of the gadget
  • equipment and availability of branded boxes
  • technical specifications and software
  • device life

The better all these options look - the morethere will be a discount on a new device. In Citrus, it can reach 90%. In this case, even devices with mechanical damage that are not subject to warranty repair are accepted for exchange.

Estimated cost of the device for the exchangeYou can find out in advance on the special page Where you need to select a gadget that is planned for purchase, indicate the model of the device to be exchanged and select in the proposed application form items describing the technical condition of the gadget. In practice, you can get the price no lower than when selling on Internet sites. At the same time, both time and nerves are saved as a result of communication with unscrupulous customers, from whom no one is insured on the Internet.

What happens to the old exchange technique

Depending on the gadget and its condition, itfirst goes to the service center, and then either repaired and goes on sale to the shop Bulava selling used equipment (exchange gadgets are never sold as new). Or understands the parts used in the service center for repair. Thus, even a machine with mechanical damage is assembled from several devices, it acquires a new life and finds its grateful buyers. And the old, unnecessary devices do not gather dust without work at home on the shelves, allowing you to save money when buying new products.

Do not put gadgets to holes! Update with Citrus Exchange and get up to 90% discount when you buy! Thousands of people have already appreciated the benefits of the trade-in program. It's really easy, fast and comfortable when it comes to Citrus. Bring old devices to Citrus and make sure that this is a modern and convenient way to buy new products!