How is the assembly Xiaomi Mi 9: detailed photos directly from the factory

Xiaomi invited media representatives to visit the technology industry a few days ago

Foxconn complex in Langfang.This is where most of the Xiaomi Mi 9 smartphones are produced. The media was able to not only learn in words exactly how the flagship assembly process takes place, but also take a look at the production lines.

Production Xiaomi Mi 9

In the process of assembling Xiaomi Mi 9 passes a fewproduction lines. At the first stage, we work with the components of the main PCB, which are placed on the production line. Almost all of them use automated robots, but also living workers control and are responsible for checking and adding components.

Telephone chip, resistors and capacitorsare placed by the robot in accordance with the given coordinates on the main board, and then the entire motherboard is processed through a specialized reflow oven. The robot can very accurately and quickly complete the installation and soldering of the chip. Interestingly, one production line can produce about 8,000 motherboards for smartphones per day.

The next step is to add Xiaomi Mi 9motherboard, screen, camera, speaker, battery, wireless charging coil and other components. At the same time you need to check whether the components are working correctly.

The final step is to install the rearpieces of glass on the fuselage. Thanks to its precise positioning, the back cover fits tightly to the body. When assembly is complete, the smartphone undergoes a stress test. If all is well, the Xiaomi Mi 9 is then treated with p2i, which coats the body of the phone with a nanoscale coating to make it hydrophobic. This will prevent liquid from entering, thereby achieving a level of splash protection. The entire p2i process lasts 3 hours.

Latest production line — Thisdirectly packaging the smartphone. When the Xiaomi Mi 9 arrives here, it undergoes final tests, including checking the screen and camera. Next, the license, barcode and screen film are applied.

After production is complete, smartphonessome time stored in the warehouse of the factory, and then sent for sale. Since Xiaomi Mi 9 is very popular, it does not stay long in stock.

For reference, by the end of March more1.5 million Xiaomi Mi 9 series smartphones, including more than 1 million original Mi 9 phones. The factory is currently working overtime to produce more smartphones.

Also, Xiaomi explained that there aretwo main problems affecting the volume of production. First, the supply of camera modules was relatively small. Secondly, during the last month the level of skill of the employee has been constantly improved. By mid-March, the problem of limited production capacity was gradually resolved.

By the way, the Xiaomi Mi 9 assembly process involvesthree smartphone manufacturers, including Langfang Foxconn, Nanjing Yinghuada and Xi’an BYD. Among them, Langfang Foxconn is responsible for most of the production.