How Kratos was tempered: God of War developers released a film about the creation of the game

The film “Kratos: Rebirth” appeared on the official PlayStation channel, telling about the creation of the reboot

God Of War.

What showed

The documentary lasts two hours, during which you will find outabout events before the start of development and directly about the process itself. The SIE Santa Monica Studio team will tell you about the everyday life of developers, the problems they faced, and what was left behind the scenes. In turn, Cory Barlog, creative director of SIE Santa Monica Studio, will talk about the main source of inspiration for God Of War 2018.

Some moments did not make it into the film, but Barlogshared the cut footage on his Twitter page. So for fans of the game who want to know all the details, we advise you to go to the designer’s account.